Head ööd, Une-Leo! Taskulambiga raamat

Head ööd, Une-Leo! Taskulambiga raamat

Autor: Joshua George

Kirjastus: KOOLIBRI

Kategooria: Pisipõnnid, vanus 0-3
2022 aasta


Rahva Raamat
10.95€ / 10.40€
Dive into the enchanting bedtime adventure with "Head ööd, Une-Leo! Taskulambiga raamat," a delightful board book crafted by Joshua George. This book is perfect for your little one's nighttime routine, featuring simple rhymes that gently guide children towards dreamland.

As the sun sets and stars twinkle, join the lovable character Une-Leo on a whimsical quest. Une-Leo is on a mission to discover where his sleep has vanished, visiting friends one by one in a charming tale of friendship and discovery.

What sets this book apart is the interactive flashlight element. Tucked within its pages is a special flashlight that brings the story to life. Slide the flashlight behind each page and watch as Une-Leo's friends emerge from the darkness, hiding in plain sight, waiting to be discovered by your curious child.

This book is not just a story; it's an engaging activity that enhances your child's motor skills and ignites their imagination. As you read aloud, your child will be eager to reveal the hidden characters, making bedtime an eagerly anticipated event.

"Head ööd, Une-Leo! Taskulambiga raamat" is a treasure that combines reading with play, fostering a love for books that will grow with your child. So, tuck in, turn the pages, and let the hunt for sleep and hidden friends begin. Sweet dreams await at the end of this luminous journey.