Autor: Juhan Peegel

Kirjastus: HEA LUGU

Kategooria: Ajalooline romaan
2019 aasta


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Dive into the gripping narrative of "Ma langesin esimesel sõjasuvel," a war novel by Juhan Peegel, which brings to life the harrowing experiences of Estonian soldiers during World War II. Authored by the acclaimed academic and journalist, Juhan Peegel, this novel is not just a piece of literature but a poignant memoir of a young man from Saaremaa who was conscripted into the Soviet Army straight from Estonian national service in 1940.

Through the eyes of a combatant in the Estonian territorial corps during the summer of 1941, Peegel paints a vivid picture of the battlefield, capturing the essence of a soldier's life amidst the chaos of war. This novel, which took over a decade to complete, was first published in 1979 and had previously been serialized in the newspaper Sirp ja Vasar in 1978.

Upon its release, "Ma langesin esimesel sõjasuvel" garnered immediate acclaim, securing the A. H. Tammsaare-named collective farm literary award in 1979 and the Soviet Estonia prize in 1980. Its impact transcended Estonian borders, with translations swiftly made into Finnish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Polish, Lithuanian, and Latvian languages.

Juhan Peegel (1919 – 2007), remembered as the grand old man of Estonian journalism and a mentor to generations of journalists, was the founder of the journalism department at the University of Tartu and served as a long-time educator and professor. His commitment to honesty and straightforwardness, as highlighted in his writing, mirrors the life of the protagonist, Jaan Tamm—a fighter whose integrity shone through his short life, just as Peegel's did throughout his own lengthy journey.

As you immerse yourself in the pages of "Ma langesin esimesel sõjasuvel," you'll find more than just a war story; you'll discover a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, crafted by a writer who walked the "devilishly complicated and dusty road" of life with unwavering honesty.