Autor: Laura Ingalls Wilder


Kategooria: Noorem kooliiga, vanus 10-12
2000 aasta


Rahva Raamat
Dive into the heartwarming childhood of Almanzo Wilder, the man who would one day become Laura Ingalls Wilder's husband, in the captivating book "Talupoiss". Set against the backdrop of the 1860s on a bustling family farm near Malone, New York, this narrative offers a glimpse into a year in the life of the Wilder family, filled with both the demanding labor of farm life and the simple pleasures that come with it.

Almanzo, alongside his brother Royal and sisters Eliza Jane and Alice, plays a pivotal role in the family's daily tasks, from planting and harvesting to chopping wood and caring for the animals. At just nine years old, Almanzo's days begin before dawn with milking the cows, and he harbors a deep desire for one thing – his very own horse. Yet, to convince his father he's ready for such a responsibility, he must demonstrate maturity beyond his years.

Through Almanzo's story, readers are transported to the rural America of the 19th century, offering a fascinating contrast to Laura's upbringing. Despite the differences in gender roles, educational opportunities, and creature comforts, the two share commonalities in the strong moral code and values instilled by their parents. Modern children will be especially intrigued by a way of life devoid of electricity, telephones, and household appliances we take for granted today.

"Talupoiss" is more than just a historical account; it's an invitation to explore the resilience and joys of a bygone era through the eyes of a young boy on the cusp of adolescence. It's a story that resonates with the universal themes of hard work, family, and the yearning for independence, making it a timeless read for both the young and the young at heart.