Tund enne päikesetõusu

Tund enne päikesetõusu

Autor: Urmas Vadi


Kategooria: Näitekirjandus
2022 aasta


Rahva Raamat
6.95€ / 6.60€
Dive into the enigmatic world of "Tund enne päikesetõusu," a captivating narrative penned by the esteemed Estonian author Urmas Vadi. Imagine a place that seems ordinary at first glance, yet there's an undeniable energy that pulses through the streets, binding the inhabitants to this peculiar town as if by an unseen force, reminiscent of the way a fridge magnet clings to a shopping list.

But what or who is orchestrating this subtle entrapment? Is there someone lurking in the shadows, eager to fit us with the snug hat of paranoia under the cover of night? Amidst this uncertainty, the characters share a universal yearning: to discover love, to encounter a soulmate who understands without uttering a single word, to have a friend at their side ready to offer a helping hand or a cigarette. They long for the simple comforts: a morning coffee that's just the right temperature, a sweater that doesn't constrict like the weak grip of a feeble man. And there's more to their desires, intricacies that unfold within the pages.

"Tund enne päikesetõusu" is not just a book; it's an experience that debuted on stage at the Estonian Drama Theatre on February 14, 2022, under the direction of Hendrik Toompere Jr. As you immerse yourself in Vadi's world, you'll find that it's a place where the search for connection and understanding is as palpable as the dawn that creeps over the horizon. This is a story that promises to resonate with your soul and leave you contemplating the delicate threads that weave our lives together.