Vannisemud. Vaalake ja vastandid

Vannisemud. Vaalake ja vastandid

Autor: Kirsten Pabol Hansen

Kirjastus: KOOLIBRI

Kategooria: Pisipõnnid, vanus 0-3
2023 aasta


Rahva Raamat
10.95€ / 10.40€
Dive into the enchanting underwater realm with "Vannisemud. Vaalake ja vastandid," a vibrant bath book crafted by Kirsten Pabol Hansen, designed to captivate your little one's imagination. As your child splashes around, they'll join a curious baby whale on an adventure through the depths of the ocean, exploring the rich tapestry of marine life.

This interactive experience isn't just about fun and bubbles; it's an educational journey too. Your child will effortlessly learn about contrasting concepts through playful discovery, as the book introduces pairs of opposites in an engaging and memorable way.

Accompanying the book is a delightful toy and six foam cards, perfect for little hands to grasp and explore. And when bath time comes to an end, tidying up is a breeze. Simply gather the toy and cards into the included mesh bag to hang and dry, ready for the next aquatic quest.

Transform your child's bath time into an opportunity for learning and laughter with "Vannisemud. Vaalake ja vastandid." It's not just a bath; it's an underwater adventure that educates and entertains, making every splash count!