Värske Rõhk nr 80 (November 2022)

Värske Rõhk nr 80 (November 2022)


Kategooria: Kaasaegne ilukirjandus
2022 aasta


Rahva Raamat
Hetkel pole saadaval
Dive into the vibrant world of contemporary Estonian literature with "Värske Rõhk" issue number 80, released in November 2022. This edition showcases a rich tapestry of poetic expressions from the pens of Johan Haldna, Karin Orgulas, Aliis Aalmann, Lizzy Lethal, Hendrik Lõpp, and Muru Semper, each offering a unique voice and perspective that will resonate with your soul.

In the realm of prose, immerse yourself in the imaginative narratives crafted by Anni Sooman, Anna Raudsepp, Jane Leinfeld, and Leon Hagel. Their stories are bound to captivate your mind and stir your emotions, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of modern Estonian storytelling.

Gain insights into the literary world through an exclusive interview with Riste Lehari, where you'll discover the inspirations and aspirations of a prominent figure in the literary community.

Join Kaarel Viljaste on a personal journey with his diary entries that provide an intimate glimpse into the life of a writer, while the "Välgatus" section illuminates the short, impactful pieces by Jaan Markus Jüriväli and Helena Saare, leaving an indelible mark on your consciousness.

Explore beyond the borders with a translated short story by Hungarian author Anna Mécsi, expertly rendered into Estonian by Mihkel Rünkla. This cross-cultural exchange enriches the literary landscape and offers you a taste of Hungary's literary flavor.

Delve into thoughtful reviews of works by Rahel Ariel Kaur on Reijo Roosi, Lisanna Lajal on Tõnis Vilu, and Mari-Liis Müürsepp on Kjell Westö, providing you with critical perspectives and insights into some of the most intriguing literary works of our time.

In need of inspiration for your next read? Look no further than the book recommendations by Neeme Näripä, guiding you towards your next literary adventure.

The visual aesthetics of this issue are enhanced by the stunning illustrations of Hildegard Reimann and Riin Maide, alongside the evocative photography of Maria Kaarep, which together create a feast for the eyes and complement the written word.

Embrace the essence of Estonian literary artistry with "Värske Rõhk" number 80, a must-have for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the written word.