Autor: Johan Theorin


Kategooria: Keskmine kooliiga, vanus 13-15
2020 aasta


Rahva Raamat
Dive into the mystical depths of medieval Scandinavia with Johan Theorin's "Viitrijaht", the second installment in the enthralling "Jarmalandi kroonikad" series. After the tumultuous events of the Salajaki battle, the pursuit continues, leading characters deeper into the underground realm known as Jarmaland. Here, Viiter Ristin and the prince of Salajaki, Dhor, must navigate through the unknown, their path shadowed by a relentless band of soldiers, knights, and elves, including the climbers Niklis and Jöran Egg.

As you turn the pages of this fantasy epic, you'll find yourself transported to 14th century Sweden, a time rife with conflict and power struggles. In this world, the mythical beings of folklore—wraiths, elves, and dragon serpents—are as real and menacing as the plague itself. Crafted for young adults, "Viitrijaht" offers a unique blend of historical intrigue and fantastical adventure, where the chilling winds of Jarmaland whisper tales of darkness and danger lurking in every shadow.

Prepare for an adventure where the lines between myth and reality blur, and join the quest through a land where the fantastical creatures of old are an integral part of life's tapestry. Will the characters outmaneuver their pursuers and survive the perils that await them in the icy depths? Embark on this journey through Johan Theorin's vivid imagination and discover the fate that befalls them in the chilling sequel to his acclaimed saga.