Virumaa rannalt leitud lood

Virumaa rannalt leitud lood


Kategooria: Eesti rahvakultuur
2024 aasta


Rahva Raamat
Dive into the heart of Estonia's northern coast with "Virumaa rannalt leitud lood," a tapestry of narratives that defies conventional genre classification. Imagine a literary kaleidoscope where each turn of the page reveals a new, vivid pattern of life by the sea, as varied and colorful as the glass pieces within.

This book may particularly resonate with those from Virumaa, but it's also a treasure for anyone eager to immerse themselves in the region's coastal culture. The journey begins with a series of vignettes by screenwriter and director Toomas Hussar, painting a picture of life on Estonia's northern shores across centuries.

A historical gem is nestled within the pages—an article from the August 1939 issue of Virumaa Teataja by Naatan (Osvald Tooming) titled "Viru silgulinn Eisma arengutee." But the true essence of the book lies in the fishermen's tales. These stories, minimally edited to preserve their authenticity, were collected through interviews conducted between 2018 and 2019 with multiple generations of Virumaa's coastal fishermen and their communities.

Before delving into these personal accounts, you'll be guided by a summary from the folklorist Tiina Sepp, who conducted the interviews. She offers insights into the process and the revelations that emerged from both the conversations and her literary research.

As a bridge connecting the diverse sections of the book, a quote from Marju Kõivupuu aptly reflects the spirit of the collection: "Even the freshest tracks on the landscape are part of a long chain of events stretching back centuries or even millennia."

"Virumaa rannalt leitud lood" is not just a book; it's an invitation to explore the enduring legacy of Virumaa's coastal life, a narrative that intertwines the past with the present, inviting you to step into the shoes of those who have lived by the sea's ever-changing tides.